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In my shop all stainless steel interchangeable jewelry parts are made of stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316.

All stainless steel has a nickel, but it is important how many of nickel will be released in the derma-contact. A study of nickel release and allergic contact dermatitis from nickel-plated metals and stainless steels was published in more journals. It was shown that low-sulfur stainless steel grades like 304, 316  release less than 0.03 microgram/cm2/week of nickel in acid artificial sweat and elicit no reactions in patients already sensitized to nickel.

steel type Ni-release in pH 4.5, μg/cm2/week Allergy reaction of test persons, %
304 <0.03 0
316 <0.03 0

alloying elements  stainless steel 304  stainless steel 316
Ni 8.65% 11.29%
Cr 18.18% 17.87%
Mo 0.26% 2.15%
C 0.036% 0.021%
S 0.0069% 0.018%
Mn 0.81% 1.67%
Si 0.49% 0.61%

Source: www.edelstahl-rostfrei.de